TART Oakland

A Made-To-Order bakery located in Oakland, California.

TART! Oakland is a small made-to-order artisan bakery located in Oakland, CA.  At TART! We love baking up delicious creations that people enjoy sharing with their family, friends and neighbors. Using familiar tastes, new flavors, and seasonal ingredients, Tart! provides an enjoyable food experience for our clients.

In support of the greater community, we are committed to sourcing ingredients as locally as possible and working in collaboration with other small Oakland businesses.

Owner/Baker/ Tartiste : ย Shawn Walker-Smith

Owner/Baker/ Tartiste :  Shawn Walker-Smith

From a very early age, I have been interested in food, especially desserts. I  left my job as a successful account manager in the office furniture industry to pursue my long held passion to become a baker. My food dream is to evolve Tart! Oakland into an evening dessert bistro with adjunct bakery. At the "nighttime dessert cafe", customers will be able to enjoy a first date, create the perfect ending to a night on the town or just โ€œhang outโ€ with friends with an after dinner drink, a great cup of coffee and a thoroughly delicious dessert.

So please, come along with me on the journey as I make my Oakland food dream a reality. 

Owner / Baker/ Tartiste

TART! doesn't  have a formal *Brick and Mortar* storefront (yet) however, you can find us at Arbor Cafรฉ (In Oakland's Temescal District) , Hive the Place to Bee (In Oakland's Dimond District) and at local Pop Up Markets and events (Be sure to check out the WHAT/WHERE Page on this website). You can also place an order with us directly via email or this website. Most orders can be ready for pick up within 72 hours of order completion.

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